Holidays in the Eifel

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Mini-vacation around the all saint's day 2018

from 279€

Arrival / Departure 01.11.2018 to 04.11.2018

On the occasion of the additional holiday this year, we recommend a mini-autumn holiday with us. Enjoy the beautiful colors of the forest on extensive hikes through our beautiful Kalltal.

Culinary weekend at St. Martin 2018

from 186€

Arrival / Departure 09.11.2018 to 11.11.2018

In the month november the oven will become very hot, then St.Martin isn`t St.Martin without a roast goose or duck. Because of this you should come to the tradionational St.Martin dinner at the Landhotel Kallbach!

Festive christmas days 2018

from 520€

Arrival / Departure 21.12.2018 to 26.12.2018

Please give yourself and your loving ones a festive christmas season in the ambience of the Landhaus! It is our wish, to indulge you to christmas with the most important issue of this season - take time with your loving ones and yourself.

Landhaus-enjoyment · an arrangement for gourmets 2018

from 290€

Bookable throughout the year

Please indulge yourself: to this arrangement the enjoyment is focused. More than our seasonal 5-course-gourmet menu will be prepared with circumspection.

Landhaus-arrangement at Kallbach 2018

from 186€

Bookable throughout the year

All-season bookable, except holidays. Your energy will be tested by hiking through the valley or at the National Park Eifel and just take a breath of daily life! The Kallbach-kitchen team will indulge you to tasteful seasonal menu.

Valentine – A weekend with heart!

from 215€

Arrival / Departure 15.02.2019 to 17.02.2019

Make the enjoyment for a weekend with heart – companied by a delicious menu. Idyllic situated and leader ship in family ambience the Landhotel Kallbach is the perfect place for a romantic stay. Make it yourself and your be loved ones comfortable to... To know more about »

Carnival 2019

from 288€

Arrival / Departure 01.03.2019 to 04.03.2019

Experience the nature – instead of the callings Alaaf and Helau at carnival days Make it yourself comfortable at carnival on 4 days (3 overnight stays) vacation in cosy double rooms together with Eifel breakfast buffet and free usage of our wellness... To know more about »

Easter 2019 · A break together with nature, enjoyment and health

from 288€

Arrival / Departure 19.04.2019 to 22.04.2019

The "Holy times" are still central at the year and give the year a special atmosphere. Make Easter to your enjoyment time at a natural and save landscape

Indulging week-end for Mothers` Day 2019

from 192€

Arrival / Departure 10.05.2019 to 12.05.2019

Ein „Dankeschön“ zum Genießen und Verwöhnen im Landhotel!

Motherday/fatherday at Ascension 2018

from 288€

Arrival / Departure 30.05.2019 to 02.06.2019

Go for a 4 day (3 overnight stays) on vacation in comfort double rooms with Eifel breakfast buffet and free usage of our wellness area.

Whitsun 2019 · A break at the nature for your health and enjoyment!

from 288€

Arrival / Departure 07.06.2019 to 10.06.2019

Make your enjoyment for 4 days (3 overnight stays) Whitsun vacation in comfort double room including Eifel breakfast buffet, free usage of our wellness area as well our following holiday programme. Please celebrate Whitsun at a nature landscape

Arrangement Corpus Christi 2019

from 288€

Arrival / Departure 20.06.2019 to 23.06.2019

An arrangement with the focus on nature, enjoyment & health