1. Jurisdiction

This declaration of data privacy protection gives the user information, about which kind, in which size and what`s the purpose of the storage and usage of personal data with the responsible supplier Landhotel Kallbach, Manuela Baier, 52393 Hürtgenwald-Simonskall Germany,,  +49 (0)2429 9 44 40 or on this homepage (as followed).

The juristical basics of privacy you`ll find it at Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and at Telemediengesetz (TMG).

2. Access-data/ server-logfiles

The provider (or rather its webspace-provider) takes data at each kind of offer access (serverlogfiles). To the access data belongs:

Name of the retrievable website, file, date and retrievable time, data amount which is being broadcasted, report of successful broadcast, sort of browser and version, the users operating system, referrer URL (the last visited site), IP-adress and the provider.

The provider takes usage of record data just for statistic analysisses at the purpose for the company, security and offers optimization. The provider has the right to check the record data at the end, in case there are concrete indications to justifiable suspicion.

3. The dealing to personal data

Personal data are information, to which a specific person could be identifiable, so the data, to which a person can be followed. To this belongs name, emailadress or telephone number. But also data such as favourites, hobby, memberships or seen websites.

The provider takes access of the personal dat and will give it to third, if it is legally allowed or the user gives the agreement.

4. To take contact

By taking contact to the provider (for example by form contact or email) the data of the user will be saved in case of deal with an application.

5. Comments and articles

If the user leaves comments or other kind of articles at the blog, the IP-adresses will be saved. It is to the security of the provider, in case someone writes unlawfully contents at the comments and articles (insults, forbidden political propaganda, etc.). In this case the provider can be made responsible for the comment or article and because of it the provider would like to know what the identity of the author is.

6. Comment subscriptions

The succession comments the user can subscribe. The user receives a confirmation by mail, to check, if the user is the owner of the email address. There is the possibility for the user to cancel  the current comment subscriptions. Indications about it will be send by confirmation email.

7. Newsletter

The newsletter will give you information about us and our offers.

If you would like to receive the newsletter, we need a valid email address and information, to check if you are the owner of the given email address and allows us to send the newsletter. Further data will not be collected. These data only will be used to dispatch the newsletter and will not used for third.

By registration to the newsletter we save your IP-address and the date of registration. This storage will just used in case a third makes improper use of an email address and without knowledgement of the rightful claimant registers himself to receipt the newsletter.

There is the possibility to cancel your agreement to save your data, email address and the use of these data for distribute the newsletter every moment. The cancellation can be made by a link at the newsletter, your profile or by contacting us at several ways seeing above.

8. Cookies

Cookies are small data, with the possibility to save information according the devices that belongs the user (PC, smartphone etc.). These cookies are as its disposal to the user and its seen websites and gives by this way profit also to other users (for example the savings of login data). Above of that it will be used to record the statistics of the use of the website so the offer can be improved by analyzing. The use of the cookies cannot be changed. Most of the browser have the option to save cookies limited or will not allow these cookies. Although it is mentioned, the usage and especially the comfort of use will be limited without cookies.

You could manage many of online-notification-cookies of companies on the US site or at the EU-site

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a web analyze servive of Google Inc. ("Google") uses this offer. Google Analytics uses "cookies, text data, which are saved at the users computer and makes it possible to analyze the usage of the website. The information, according the usage of this website, given by the cookie, normally will be send to a server of Google USA and saved in the USA.

In case of IP-anonymizing achievement at this website, the users Google IP-address although will be shortened within the member states of the European Union or other contract states of the agreement according the European economy. At exceptional cases the full IP-address will be send and shortened to a Google server USA. The IP-anonymizing is activated at this website. In commission of the websites operater Google will use these information, to evaluate the use of the website by user, to compile the website activities by reports further to give compilated services against the website operator according the internet usage.

The Google Analytics framework of your browser given IP-address will not be commited to other data of Google. The savings of cookies the user can prevent by make certain browser software settings; According this offer the user is at knowledgement, many functions of this website cannot be used completely. The user can prevent that the data getten by cookie made and by usage of the website (including IP-address) will be given to Google and will be converted, by downloading and installing the following link of the available browser plugin:

As alternative to browser-add-on or for mobile browser, please click on this link, to prevent the recording by Google Analytics within this website. To this an opt-out-cookie will be send to your device. Delete your cookies, by clicking this link again.

10. Utilization of Facebook Social Plugins

This offers uses Social Plugins ("Plugins") of social network, which operator is Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA  ("Facebook"). The plugins are perceptible to the Facebook logo (white „f“ at blue tile or "thumb high") or as appendix  "Facebook Social Plugin". The list and look of Facebook Social Plugins can be seen:

In case the user calls this offer, including such a plugin, its browser will contact immediately the server of Facebook. The plugin content will send to your browser by Facebook on a direct way to the website. The provider cannot influence the amount of data, that Facebook will get by these plugins and gives the user according that information:

By integration of the plugins Facebook gets the information, the user called a specific site of the offer. If the user has logged in, Facebook sees the connection to the Facebook-profile. If the user makes interaction to the plugins, for example by clicking the Like button or giving a comment, the given browser information will immediately send and saved to Facebook. In case the user hasn`t Facebook membership, there is also the possibility for Facebook to get knowledgement of the IP-address and saves this. According to Facebook in Germany only the anonymized IP-address will be saved.

Purpose and scale of collecting data and further converting and use of data by Facebook such as the relating rights and adjustment possibilities because of the user protection, you could read the data privacy protection:

If the user is member of Facebook and this member wouldn`t allow Facebook to collect data and member data settings according this offer, the user must log out to Facebook before visiting the internet.

Also there is a possibility to block Facebook-social-plugins by the add-ons of your browser, for example "Facebook Blocker".

11. +1 Button of Google+

This offer uses “+1″-button of social network Google Plus, which operator is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (“Google”). The button is perceptible to the sign “+1″ with white or coloured background.

In case the user calls this offer, including such button, its browser will contact immediately the server of Google. The content“+1″-Schaltfläche will send to your browser by Google on a direct way to the website. The provider cannot influence the amount of data, that Google will get by these buttons.  According Google no personal data Google gets without a click at the button. Only to logged in members, such data, for example IP-address will collected and used.

The purpose and scale of collecting data and further use by Google as well as their rights and setting possibilities for private protection Google user could read the data privacy protection of  “+1″-button: and the FAQ:

12. Twitter

This offer uses buttons of service Twitter. The operator of these buttons is Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. The button is perceptible to"Twitter" or "follow", according a stylish blue bird. The buttons gives the user the possibility to make a comment or share a site of this offer to Twitter or to follow the provider.

In case the user calls this offer, including such button, its browser will contact immediately the server of Twitter. The content Twitter-buttons will send to your browser by Twitter on a direct way. The provider cannot influence the amount of data, that Twitter will get by these buttons and gives the user according that information. According this just the users IP-address the URL of the recent website together the buttons delivered, not to other purposes, as button showed, will be used.
Further information according this you will find at the data protection declaration of Twitter

13. Cancellation, modifications, rectifications and updates

The user has the right, to get on request free information about the personal data, which will be saved. Additional the user has the right for rectification incorrect data, blocking and cancellation of the personal data, in case there isn`t a legal obligation to preserve business records.

Status: june 2015